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Mazi & Nathan Larsen
"Give Chase"

Airtight takes a trip to Chicago for its next release, 'Give Chase' b/w 'Mise En Place (Remix)' by Mazi & Nathan Larsen.

The work of Mazi Namvar and Nathan Drew Larsen should come as no surprise to staunch supporters of Airtight as the two Chi-Town-dwelling members of the Gourmet crew have flexed their musical muscles for the label on many occasions - namely on Nathan's beautiful 'Standing Still' cut (which featured mixes from Mazi as Audio Soul Project) and on Mazi's heavy remix of the seminal 'Mushrooms'.
The pair get together here to provide two deep, techy, clicky tracks with 'Give Chase' on the A bringing together solid, swingy Mazi beats and a subtle, soulful vocal on the breakdown all underpinned by big, warm bass sounds while 'Mise En Place (Remix)' hands the emphasis over to Larsen whose shuffly beats and jerky click rhythms make for something very deep and special.
The profound shit.

Written, produced, arranged and performed by Nathan Drew Larsen and Mazi Namvar for Habitat Productions. Vocals by Alexander East. Licensed from Audio Soul Productions.
(P) & (C) 2002 Airtight Recordings

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