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AIR040: Ichisan : The Full Bet EP

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"Global Pillage"

Already finding favour with Bjorn Tjorske & Pete Herbert, we're hoping you'll be hearing a lot more from Ichisan.

As the nu disco gospel weaves its way across Eastern Europe, Slovenian Dj, photographer and man about town Igor Skafar makes his debut on Londons longstanding Airtight imprint with a smart two tracker.
"Global Pillage" kicks things off with squelchy basslines, fat drums and fruity chord changes; "Tips + Tricks" begins with a Rez like bassline before combining layers of glistening arpeggios and chugging rhythms for a spacey floor shaker.
Already finding favour with Bjorn Tjorske, and Pete Herbert after visits to Igors' hometown club, we're hoping you'll be hearing a lot more from Ichisan and the Slovenian disco mafia into 2008

Written and Produced by Igor Skafar
Mastered by Gregor Zemljic @ Earresistible Studio.
(P) & (C) 2007 Airtight Recordings.

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